Registration Process and Timeline for School Year 2017-2018

  • Week of January 23 – 26:  Students will receive their Registration Cards and their transcripts in their Social Studies classes.  Students will use their transcript and recommendations to map out the courses they would like to take next year.  Students will log onto the scheduling website and enter their selections. Students will also complete their Course Planner on Naviance.
  • Students will take their registration cards home for review and parent signature.
  • January 31st is the deadline for students to enter their course requests on line. 
  • February 1st:  Online scheduling system is locked to students.
  • January 31st:  Deadline to submit completed and signed Registration Cards.
  • February 1 – 24th:  All students in grades 9 – 11 during their social studies class will come to the Counseling Office to meet one-on-one with their school counselor to review and finalize their course requests.  (Students can ask their social studies teacher for their exact date)

All students are encouraged to see their counselor during their lunch with questions and for help/guidance in selecting their courses for next year.

The MCPS Scheduling Website is here; other forms and instructions are here: