Montgomery Blair High School Administration & Leadership

Meet Blair's Instructional Leadership Team!

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Renay Johnson

Renay Johnson, Principal
(301) 649-2806
Winner of the 2015 Washington Post Educational Leadership Award
@blairprincipal Twitter feed; more on the Principal's outreach on Twitter is here

Ms. Burgos-Ojeda

Adriana Burgos-Ojeda, Assistant Principal, Twelfth Grade
(301) 649-2808

Ms. Carrillo

Lavina Carrillo, Assistant Principal, Ninth Grade (Last names A-L)
(301) 649-2809

Mr. Cauley

Dirk Cauley, Assistant Principal, Tenth Grade (Last names A-L)
(301) 649-2807

Mr. Fanning

Joseph Fanning, Assistant Principal, Eleventh Grade
(301) 649-8507

Dr. Fields

Andrew Fields, Staff Development Teacher
(301) 649-8233

Mr. Funk

James Funk, Business Manager
(301) 649-2825

Mr. Ostrander

Peter Ostrander, Magnet Coordinator
(301) 649-8240
@blairmagnet Twitter feed

Ms. Pettis-Jones

Tracy Pettis-Jones, Assistant Principal, Ninth Grade (Last names M-Z)
(301) 649-2808

Ms. Soriano

Makeyda Soriano, Resource Counselor
(301) 649-2810

Ms. Wilkerson

Candace Wilkerson, Assistant School Administrator, Tenth Grade (Last names M-Z)
(301) 649-2808

Resource Teachers

Ms. Wall

Beth Sanchez, Academy Coordinator
(301) 649-2880


Rita Boule, Athletics
(301) 649-2840

Mr. Street

Jimmy Street, Business/Career and Technology Education
(301) 649-2844

Ms. Fillman

Sarah Fillman, Communication Arts Program (CAP)
(301) 649-2854

Mr. Culver

Rahman Culver, Diversity and Inclusion Instructional Coordinator
(301) 649-2809

Ms. Holmes

Kati Holmes, English
(301) 649-2856

Ms. Hiller

Theresa Hiller, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) & Reading
(301) 649-2860

Ms. Armstead

Jacqueline Armstead-Thomas, Fine Arts
(301) 649-2843

Ms. McMahon

Robert McMahon, Health and Physical Education
(301) 649-2842

Ms. Young

Melissa Young, Latino Achievement Coordinator
(301) 649-2890

Ms. Davis

Celita Davis, Mathematics
(301) 649-2870

Ms. Lamphier

Andrea Lamphier, Media Center
(301) 649-2831

Ms. Roark

Summer Roark Thiero, Science
(301) 649-8246

Ms. Hughes

Rebecca Hughes, Social Studies
(301) 649-2851

Ms. Reid

Terel Reid, Special Education
(301) 649-2849

Ms. Barrera

Brenda Barrera, World Languages
(301) 649-2867

Other School Leaders

Ms. Blanton

Christine Blanton, Cafeteria Manager
(301) 649-2827


Lana Nguyen, Student Government Association (SGA) President

Ms. Orange

Mariama Orange, PTSA President

Mr. Perron

Alain Perron, Building Services Manager
(301) 649-2826